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Expert Assistance

CHA Staff

BJ Bartleson: Testing, vaccination safe handling and storage, pharmacy waivers, out-of-state licensure

Rony Berdugo: State advocacy on employee safety

Pat Blaisdell: COVID-19 therapeutics, post-acute care and discharge, skilled-nursing facility guidance

Kiyomi Burchill: Hospital surge planning, nurse staffing ratio waivers, vaccine distribution

Jan Emerson-Shea: Media relations

Jackie Garman: Vaccine prioritization, crisis care guidelines, postmortem issues

Trina Gonzalez: Patient transfers, COVID-19 Uninsured Program, health coverage for testing

Megan Howard: Federal funding, telehealth

Clinton Lee: CHA COVID-19 Tracking Tool administrator

Sheree Lowe: Acute psychiatric hospitals

Mary Massey: Resource requests, coordination with MHOACs, FEMA reimbursement

Anne O’Rourke: Federal advocacy, federal funding

Amber Ott: CHA COVID-19 Tracking Tool administrator, team lead

Lois Richardson: State and federal waivers (including pharmacy and nurse staffing ratios), visitation policies

Kathryn Austin Scott: State advocacy on COVID-19-related legislation    

Maria Sperber: State advocacy on clinical legislation

Peggy Wheeler: Telehealth, correctional facility surges, rural hospitals

Ryan Witz: Alternative care sites, hospital financing, Medicaid 1135 waivers

Justin Ziombra: CHA COVID-19 Tracking Tool administrator


Regional Association Staff

Meet the regional teams here.

Hospital Association of San Diego and Imperial Counties

Hospital Association of Southern California

Hospital Council – Northern & Central California

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